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Feltee is a Canadian brand of modern wool designs for
women with edge and style. It is a combination of casual,
classy, sophisticated and unique.
And best of all hand crafted in Canada.


Our Story

Have you had that one favorite article of clothing that you prefer to wear 80 percent of the time, while the rest of your wardrobe ends up hanging in the closet for years?  

I’ve always believed that well designed clothing should not be limited to a specific purpose or style, but should rather accommodate the everyday practical needs of modern women.

Every year walking through department stores shopping for natural material garments for cold weather I always ended up empty-handed. Despite numerous attempts to find everyday practical and elegant clothing that would meet my standards of high-end fabric, versatile design, and great value, I kept encountering disappointment and/or very high price tags.

I wanted to have a single multi-climatic coat that could meet the demanding lifestyle of a busy woman – whether driving kids to school, walking to an executive meeting, or going out for a romantic dinner.

With a background in art and design, finally I decided to sketch and tailor make the coat that would serve my expectations. Wool was the natural fabric of choice because it's soft, breathable, stylish, non-allergenic and durable. It keeps you warm in the cold, yet normalizes to body temperature indoors. Within a few weeks of sketches, pattern work, fabric sourcing and overtime with a custom tailor, two cardigan coats were hand crafted for about $600 each.

I loved it, and wanted to bring the same experience to women who share the desire for functional cozy clothing.

The only question was how to do so at a great price. To accomplish this, Feltee partnered with a specialized family-operated garment manufacturer right here in Toronto, with 30+ years industry experience and a passion for the craft of designer clothing. With a high enough production volume, the price target was achieved. Our online distribution model and no middlemen means that all the value is transferred direct to the customer.

Feltee will always stay loyal to our core beliefs to remain local and nimble, with a focus on tailor quality wool clothing at an unbeatable price.

Welcome to the Feltee family, and I hope you love it as much as we do!


 Founder & Lead Designer

Sizing Chart

Only Length Matters!

We can assure you that our loose fit garments will suit anyone
from Small to Large size, the difference is only in length.
We recommend size 'S' for anyone 5'5" ft (170 cm) or shorter,
and size 'M/L' for anyone taller than 5'5" ft (170 cm). 


Model S M/L
Moonwalk 42" length (107cm) 44.5" length (113cm)
Venus - 43" length (109cm)